We’re a team of strategists, thinkers, and creators. We strive to create beautiful and effective products.

D Square is a digital business agency working with startups to large enterprises across the globe providing services in Web & Mobile Application Development. We work across different industry segments however we are more inclined towards IT, Retail, Hospitality, HealthCare, Consumer and Manufacturing. We are passionate about design & technology and are in a mission to help businesses improve their operational efficiency, productivity and reach out to a global audience. We are fanatic about design & usability and have all our developments design-driven. Our solutions & products are used by millions of people, so we make that extra effort to provide an intuitive and natural experience.


  • Thejesh Reddy Katta
    Thejesh Reddy Katta co-founder & Director Marketing
  • Chaitanya Reddy Katta
    Chaitanya Reddy Katta Founder & CEO

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